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Challenging Visa Denials and Revocations after an Interpol Red Notice or a Kangaroo Court Conviction

Interpol conjures up images of a worldwide police tracking down “bad guys” on the run from home country authorities.  But Interpol is not a law enforcement agency: it does not issue warrants and does not have the authority to make … Continue reading

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The Value of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

One critical tool in challenging errant visa decisions of consular officers is through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  While the FOIA process with the Department of State is extremely limited in visa cases, sometimes consular officers rely on inaccurate … Continue reading

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Visa Myth #981 – “If I get a 2nd Passport, My US Visa Problems will be Solved.”

This myth has been going around for years – no doubt perpetuated by representatives of 2nd passport programs.  A national of Country X has US visa problems – because of a criminal incident 20 years ago making him inadmissible to … Continue reading

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