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FAQ on New Birth Tourism Rules

The Trump Administration announced new rules regarding birth tourism, which took effect on January 24, 2020.  Already, misinformation has cropped up. So to provide some clarity, the below FAQ is provided: Whom do the new rules affect? They only affect … Continue reading

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A Green Card Holder and Absent from the US for more than 180 days? Beware.

One of the biggest misconceptions about immigration law is that a green card is the same as citizenship  –only without a passport or the ability to vote. But what many permanent residents do not realize is that they can be … Continue reading

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Department of State Releases 2019 Visa Refusal Statistics – and They Ain’t Pretty

Visa refusals continue to skyrocket under the Trump Administration – and it doesn’t seem to matter whether the applicants are from countries considered “friends” or “foes” of the United States.  While the refusal rates for some countries, such as Vietnam, … Continue reading

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