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Trump Executive Order Bans Most Immigration for 60 Days

Regardless of country, President Trump has banned immigration of those outside the United States as of midnight on April 23, 2020.  This means that a) those seeking admission to the US as immigrants, b) are located outside the US and … Continue reading

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The Last Chance Provided by Humanitarian Parole

Today we are publishing an updated article on Humanitarian Parole on this site.  Many people are under the mis-impression that humanitarian parole only applies to medical emergencies. In fact, there are numerous situations that an application for humanitarian parole may … Continue reading

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212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) – What To Do If You Are Turned Around at the Airport and Sent Home

Today we are publishing an article on the site about Section 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This is the decision of a Customs and Border Protection official at airports and other ports of entry not to allow an … Continue reading

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16 Reasons a Consul Finds Your K-1 Case Suspicious

Today we are publishing a new article about K-1 visas.  In the article we discuss the 16 primary reasons a consul finds a K-1 case suspicious. The article also highlights the 4 steps the American citizen and fiancée can take to … Continue reading

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40 Reasons for F-1 Student Visa Denials

Today we are publishing a new article on this site about student visas.  In the article, we catalog 40 reasons why an F-1 visa can be denied. Straightforward 214(b) rejections, complicated 212(a)(6)(C)(i) permanent bans, and protracted 221(g) delays are some … Continue reading

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