AZTech, Integra Technologies, Andwill, and Wireclass Update IV – Clarity on the Way?

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Yesterday, ICE announced the arrests of 15 OPT students for claiming “to be employed by companies that don’t exist.”  At its press conference, ICE announced that as a part of its Operation OPTical Illusion, it identified up to 3,300 individuals of interest, and of those individuals, it will seek to deport 1,100.  Of the 1,100, USCIS is in the process of revoking the employment authorizations of 700, with the remainder expected to have the validity periods lapse in the next couple of months.  These employment authorizations were characterized as being “fraudulently” obtained and seem to have been connected with one company.

Obviously, this is not good news for the 1,100.  While it is still too early to draw conclusions, it is possible that ICE not only intends to remove these individuals from the United States, but permanently bar them from the United States for engaging in “fraudulent” activity. Apparently, ICE considers all of these individuals to be complicit in fraud, not innocent victims.

For the other 2,200, this may be good news. ICE maintains that its operation is “ongoing” and so it is too early to breathe a sigh of relief, but by distinguishing these individuals from the 1,100, it would seem that, perhaps, ICE does not intend to take any further action against them.

In the coming days, much will become clear. Of course, the big question is: who are the 1,100? With which company were they associated? When will enforcement action be taken against them? Do these individuals have any legal options?

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