The “Beautiful” Nonimmigrant Waiver

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The beauty of obtaining a nonimmigrant waiver? That once you receive one, going forward, you will almost automatically receive the second one, and the third one, and the fourth one…. But the trick is – obtaining that first one… The nonimmigrant waiver process is rather straightforward. For most applicants of the nonimmigrant waiver (also known as a Section 212(d)(3)(A) or Hranka waiver), there is no application form and there is no filing fee; you simply request the waiver at the visa interview.  If the consular officer recommends the waiver, then Customs and Border Protection will usually agree with the recommendation and grant the waiver.  The consul will then issue a visa with a waiver annotation. So how to obtain that elusive consular recommendation? Well, if the applicant is applying for a B visitor visa or a F student visa, he/she must overcome his/her 214(b) burden first before the consul will…

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