Clarification on Completion of Questionnaire

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In response to my earlier post, completed questionnaires are starting to flow in. Thank you.

I would like to allay any concerns out there about the use of information contained in questionnaires:

1. Completion of the questionnaire is entirely voluntary. Any possible resolution to the issue at hand will most likely relate to the entire class of 22,000, not just those who fill in this questionnaire.  Obviously, I am not making any representations that completing the questionnaire will somehow help you.  Nevertheless, I do believe that collecting and synthesizing information will be important going forward.

2. One of the questions in the questionnaire relates to privacy.  If you do not wish your name disclosed to the Department of State, you would indicate “No” in response.

3. We are a team of professionals. We have been battling erroneous and misguided decisions of consular officers and DOS officials for nearly 20 years. We have previously filed lawsuits against the Department of State. In fact, our firm is one of the very, very few (<10) that has actually won a lawsuit against the Department of State. More background about us can be found here:

4. I will not delve into strategy in this open forum, but I think it readily apparent that the voices of those who have been so tragically affected by this are more likely to be heard if there is a lawyer providing support.

Again, completion of the questionnaire is entirely voluntary. I leave it to you to decide whether to complete it or not.  Thank you.