The Last Chance Provided by Humanitarian Parole

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Today we are publishing an updated article on Humanitarian Parole on this site.  Many people are under the mis-impression that humanitarian parole only applies to medical emergencies. In fact, there are numerous situations that an application for humanitarian parole may be appropriate. For example, sometimes there are imperfections in US law which do not provide a legal solution for a situation which cries out for one.   Trying to fit a “square peg in a round hole” just will not work.  Well, sometimes, humanitarian parole can be the “round peg” that fits.

For example, minor children who remain stuck in the home country after parents successfully adjusted status in the United States under the Diversity Lottery program. The law requires that the child receive a Diversity Visa by September 30. If he does not, then his parent would have to file an I-130 family immigration petition for him, which could take more than 2-3 years because of the quota that applies to this category of immigration.  A temporary solution to the problem is obtaining humanitarian parole for the child so that he may enter the US and join his parents.  Once in the US, the process of re-parole allows the child to extend his status in the US until he gets his green card.

Every case is different. It is not easy to secure humanitarian parole.  In fact, these applications are among the most legally challenging cases.  Although humanitarian parole is not designated as a means to circumvent visa lines, it can be used in emergency, humanitarian, or extremely sympathetic cases where there is no alternative.  Feel free to contact us to discuss.