OIG to Launch Investigation of DV-2012; Wall Street Journal Article

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You may recall that on May 25, 2011, we requested that the Office of Inspector General at the Department of State launch an investigation into the invalidation of the DV-2012 results.  We have now received a reply from the General Counsel within the Office of Inspector General at the Department of State:

Mr. White:

Deputy Inspector General Geisel asked me to reply to your letter to him, dated May 25, 2011.  Thank you for your letter and your interest in this matter.  The Department has asked the Office of Inspector General to review the Diversity Visa Lottery matter and we have agreed to do so.


Erich O. Hart

Erich O. Hart
General Counsel
Office of Inspector General
Department of State

While no additional details were provided, one can surmise that this is an encouraging sign. Nevertheless,  this should in no way detract from our resolve to proceed with our lawsuit; in fact, the timing of the OIG letter – 24 hours after my post on the need for litigation – appears more than coincidental.

We should of course hope for the best – a quick, prompt settlement that will reinstate the selection of the 22,000 winners – but prepare for the worst.

Miriam Jordan at the Wall Street Journal was kind enough to write an article on the invalidation travesty and OIG’s initiation of the investigation.   Here is the link:


We will be posting an FAQ about the litigation within 24 hours.